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Color-coated steel technology and development

2015-10-12 15:41:01

Color-coated steel technology and development
With the development of the social economy,The thought that  People pursuit of high quality life has penetrated  into the steel industry.Previous black, straightforward plate already cannot satisfy the requirement of people.Gorgeous colour,  practical function  color-coated steel arises at the historic moment.
Color-coated plates is a kind  plate of organic coatings coated steel surface,It has the  good appearance,gorgeous colour, high strength, corrosion resistance, good processing molding convenience etc, but also enables users to reduce costs, reduce pollution.
 Color-coated plate also calls  organic coating board or pre-coating plate.It use stee(cold and hot metal coil ,galvanized coating aluminum, aluminum alloy, stainless steel, high board, etc.) as the backing material, in surface coated or laminated various organic coating or plastic film.Because it is completed in metallurgy factories, the coil coating for users directly into product, so also called pre-coating coil.

NO.1 Color-coated industry development situation
In 1935  American Built the No,1 continuous color-coated steel plates' line.Nearly 20 years in building industry telegraphing industries as the breakthrough have developed rapidly,producting ability is increasing and production capacity has passed  more than 18 million t, especially by the rapid development of Europe and Japan.Worldwidly, during more than 400 producing line,American has  about 50%.Production capacity has passed more than 400 million t, and has complete varieties.In 1958 Japan built the first gush to drench type coating production line,  Now it has been more than 50 production lines,Production capacity has passed more than 300 million t.In the United States, Japan, Europe, three areas' total output is 84% of  the world's total .

NO..2 The development of domestic  Color-coated steel
In the 1960s, Anshan iron and steel company's  institute began researching organic coated coil.However, due to various reasons no  do further researching.Until in 1987 Wuhan iron and steel company Brought in the  first formal pre-coating coil production line, China formally announced that we failly  had his own pre-coating coiled metal industry.Followed by Guangzhou color steel panel factory(1986, 5 million t), Beijing steel doors and Windows factory (1988, 3 million t), Shanghai baosteel group corporation (1989 22.7 million t), and the Southwest aluminum company (1993), 2 million t imported pre-coating metal coil successively, forming the first pre-coating metal coil industrial development climax.
Late 1990s appearing pre-coating metal coil industry's  the second development, this  time great majority owner is a private enterprise,They adopt domestic around the medium-sized production  line of 20,000 t to built  factory, distributed in Guangdong, Jiangsu, Shandong and other coastal areas, the number of new production line more than 50.Some is the factories with  high quality's equipment, good products and competitive production line, the proportion  of metallurgical production line's producing capacity   is decreasing.
From 2002 to 2005, China's steel industry belt in the third big development.During a large-scale modernized production line, telegraphing succession of 2 # steel production line, Anshan steel production lines, Shougang benxi steel production line, belt, Hangang production line, Tangsteel, Masteel line etc,Annual production line design wisco 2 # 21 million t, unit operation speed for 180m/min, is the fastest production line, more than 100m/min line near the 10. With a large number of new unit operation, the painted steel production has into forecasted.
Color-coated steel's classification

It  both  has organic polymer plate with the advantages of both the organic polymer and good pigmentability &thickenabilty, formability, corrosion resistance, adornment sex, and the high strength steel processing, and can easily for cutting, welding, bending, deep processing. This will make the organic coating manufactured products with excellent practicality, adornment, machining and durability.
The current color-coated steel is various, about more than 600, but still not  has a unified classification method,BecauseIt's hard  to find a distinction in many varieties and each manufacturer has its unique equipment, technology, products of various kinds. Now only commonly used by  common classification.
(1) According to the use of substrate. Usually used in organic coating substrates are: cold hot galvanized steel sheet, electricity, and alloying steel plate, aluminum, zinc alloy plates, electro-galvanizing tiny, chrome plate, aluminum etc.
(2)According to the process and the different coating  methods ,it has roller method, and spray, powder, membrane, printing method of organic coating. According to the number of different coated with a baking, one, two, three coated with two roasted with four baked, three different coating baked process of organic coating. According to the embossed or printing processing points: also can be subdivided into wood board, Dali, dermatoglyph, cement mortar grain coating.
(3)According to the classification of coating types, Usually used to produce organic coating of paint, PVC coated steel classification, polyester coated steel plate, acrylic coatings, fluorocarbon coated silicon steel plate, polyester coating etc.
(4)According to the properties of coating. According to the characteristics of organic coatings, high heat resistance, high temperature resistant coating, coating, coating, sterilization from extinguish coated board, non-stick snow coating, coating and fingerprint
resistant plate, etc. Since lubrication coating.
(5)According to the special coatings and purpose. Such as epoxy zinc-rich coating, with cold rolled steel sheet for the organic coating, surface flocking and some special steel layer coating machine, such as membrane board, wood for gaxinban, shockproof plate, etc.
Color-coated steel's typical production process
The  typical production process (see figure 1). The unit includes the following four parts: the entrance, pretreatment, coating and export. Common two besmear two roasted line process for coil winding:  open coil →suture→Entrance of living→cleaning→pretreatment→Early (fine) coating→Early (fine) cure→cooling→Export of living→cutting→coiling.

2 Complex steel sandwich board wall construction and application
Complex steel sandwich board (hereinafter referred to as the steel sandwich panels) with modular, light quality, prefabrication, adiabatic effect is good, transportation, operation and low cost, easy to assemble construction characteristics,  the usage is  increasing with 20%speed in recently years.Currently steel sandwich board is mainly used for industrial and urban construction, refrigerated and frozen facilities, air conditioner, etc.Through the elaborate design and  good maintenance of the steel sandwich panels the building life-span can reach 40 years.
Steel sandwich board  outside  wall's function is  used for decorating in the outdoor  and outer armo.For the requirment of  steel sandwich board  curtain wall project designing , production, construction system of quality control and quality inspection and performance ratin.

1.Component type steel structure's metope
Color-coated steel sandwich curtain wall plate systems are installed in the component type steel column wall of steel structure (beam) or wall, ensure wall or wall beam construction quality is one of the key construction curtain wall, it directly influences the quality of whole wall installation quality.The main beam and column/wall construction process:Engineering measuring unreeling→Embedded parts inspection→Installation of steel structure→Steel structure coating.
1.1 Engineering measuring unreeling
In order to guarantee the construction curtain wall color steel quality,request installation wall of steel reinforced concrete structure, and the main body of the project, the structure of brick-concrete structure construction shall conform to the relevant specification and acceptance.If not conforming to requirements,it should be adjusted.
1.2 Embedded parts inspection
To ensure the wall and the main structure of the reliability of the connection, the metope of steel structure and component in the main structure of the main structure should be designed according to the requirements of construction, the number, location and methods for embedded.Before the installation, should check each connection position is complete, the position of having meets design requirements.Having the allowable deviation: deviation ± 10mm elevation, Around the axis, and poor ± 30mm axis deviation ± 20mm.

Having too much, omission or position deviation tilt,Shall take remedial measures.Wall ,embedded parts and fitting should be carried out anti-corrosive treatment;Different metal contact should be set in insulation pad or take other anticorrosion measures.Steel column feet support embedded parts should comply with the design requirements and should TianDian plate, not more than 3 pieces each fold.
1.3 Component installation of steel structure of metope
1.4  Steel structure surface treatment
Steel structure of fixed installation is completed weld to burnish, eliminate edges and Angle, achieve the smooth transition.Steel surface should be according to the design requirements of fire-retardant coating, paint spraying.

2.Color-coated steel panel scene processing and installation
Steel sandwich board type selection of except consider to decorate the effect, still should consider its ability to resist wind.Main curtain wall plate under wind load, its ability to resist wind load depends on the plate deformation fulcrum spacing and thickness, supporting conditions, etc.If steel sandwich board span is too big, FengHe in under the influence, easy generation deflection curtain integral effectIf the improper design will leave in the surface of plastic deformation irreversible.
2.1.Color-coated steel panel processing
2.2  Color-coated steel panel storage and handling
Steel sandwich board before installing should as far as possible when packing, reserve should be stored in the interior.As stacked in outdoor, pile location should level off, do not have water over and should not lifting equipment and weight after, with pad under high cushion between plates 20cm, soft materials, product to put the board placed together, each palletizer should be easy to identify the board and cover plate type labels, rainproof coalbox.Stacking area should be set WeiDang temporary personnel ambulates again, avoid unnecessary damage caused by plank.
2.3. Color-coated steel panel installment
Curtain wall plate installation commonly used in the construction of scaffolding activities when the bearing capacity of the scaffold, to consider that:(1)Controlled reference points out the spacing and face;(2)Comparison of the reference surface find installation Angle space(3)To control the level difference between the elevation(4)And the building of the vertical distance and the floors of spacing.

 Installation wall panels, only one block board, lift should be adopted in the manufacturer offers special fixture at length direction of Mosaic panels 2 lifting wallboard.Lifting process to slow, to use the rope, avoid and installed wallboard knock against, with soft materials scaffold prominent position.
Sandwich panel can fix in two ways:One kind is tapping screws through direct fixed on the wall panels, connecting structure on the structure of time is shown in figure 1.Another way is tapping screws by fitting the indirect and metope times structure connecting structure is shown in figure 2.
Facade, surface smoothness of verticality 2mm 3mm straightness 0.5 mm, juncture. When installation should according to the strict technical manuals.
2.4.The use of theatricality glue
In a fixed on board and extensive water board, must use theatricality caulking rubber seal to prevent gas permeability and water leakage.It  should be paid attention to  when caulking plastic injecting weathering:
(1)Full plate clean face aperture, ensure clean and binder dry
(2)To adjust the depth of the seam, avoid edges with glue, PVC foaming material in filling (small round rods);
(3)Note glue, glue attention after maintenance, rubber injection in incomplete sclerosis, don't cling to dust before and scratches
2.5、Installation ends ending
Steel sandwich board wall installation, from top to bottom wall surface protection of layer-by-layer will tear off, while layered affiliated to dismantle frame synchronization.Open frame should pay attention to protecting wallboard, don't touch, scratch, finally completed the curtain wall project construction。
 In the construction curtain wall and wall component to surface decoration effect of adhesive etc should be immediately.When curtain wall project installation  completing, from top to bottom, prevent the cleaning solution surface decoration anomalies.Cleaning wall should be neutral detergent for inspection, proving that the surface coating wallboard corrosion function.A neutral detergent after cleaning should wash clean.
 3. maintenance and maintenance of color Steel sandwich board and wall
  On wall system must be regular cleaning and maintenance, general routine inspection every year at least once, to identify potential problems, keep its beautiful surface and prolong service life.When cleaning surface must be careful not to occur, avoid using surface scratches and bleaching composition of abrasive washing grinding tool steel ball, and at the end, washing with clean water to wash down from the surface.

 Wall surface damage, should be timely repair, rock-bottom processing, mainly by bottom clean oil, repair the defect on top, blow be bored with child find equal to ensure top of the level, be bored with child at least 2 times should be full of scraping.Besmear before coating should brush priming paint brush, at least 2 times should be. Every times after dry topcoat refers to should be repeated fill putty and sand processing, scrub with wet cloth FuWu coating, after besmear again next January. Coating dressing grinding and polishing including flat surface polishing process, should be used when water sand paper, polishing should be used when clean soft cloth dips in sandy brush try wax.
 (1) Material standard
1.Carbon steels    GB 700-88
2.High quality carbon steel     GB/T699-1999
3.With low-alloy steels strength     GB/T1591-94

(2) Profile standards
4.Hot-rolled equilateral angles   GB/T9787-88
5.Hot-rolled not equilateral angles  GB/T9788-88
6.Hot-rolled choices      GB/T706-88
7.Hot-rolled channels  steel     GB/T707-88
8.Hot-rolled steel H-beam and partial T steel      GB/T11263-1998
9.H welding steel      YB3301-92
10.With high frequency welding structure of thin-walled h-beam   JG/T137-2001
11.The cold bending steel   GB/T6725-92 

(3)Plank standard
12.General structure with steel and steel strip   GB/T2517-81
13.Carbon and low alloy  thin steel plate and steel rolling     GB/T912-89
14.Carbon and low alloy  thick steel plate and steel rolling   GB/T3274-88
15.Plate  with thickness direction performance   GB/T5313-85
16.Continuous hot dip galvanized sheet steel and steel belt   GB/T2518-88
17.Color-coated plates and steel belt   GB/T12754-91
18.Building pressure plate     GB/T12755-91

(4)other standards
19.Steel structure fire coatings applied technology procedures  CECS24-90
NO.2 Design criteria
(1)General standard (2  books)
1.Steel structure design codes  GB50017-2002 (For approval)
2.Thin-walled steel structure design codes    GB50018-2002
(2)Tall steel structure(3 books )
3.High-rise steel structure design codes    JGJ99-98 (For local revision)
4.Hot-rolled h-beam component design procedure   CECS (on the regular payroll)
5.Towering structure design codes   GBJ135-90 
(3)Space structural steel standard(4 books)
6.Grid structure technology procedures    JGJ7-91 (To revise)
7.Reticulated shell technical regulations   JGJ (For approval)
8.Suspension cable structure technology procedures  JGJ (For approval)
9.Cable-membrane structures technical regulations   CECS  (on the regular payroll)
(4)Light steel structure(six books)
10.Door frame of light steel structure building technology procedures CECS102:2002  (to be for approval)
11.Door frame structure component  JG/T (to be for approval)
12.Arched corrugated steel structure technology procedures    CECS ( to be for approval)
13.Steel keel structure, technical procedures CECS(on the regular payroll)
14.Light steel structure building technology procedures CECS(on the regular payroll)
15.Cold-formed steel structure design codes force CECS(on the regular payroll)

(5)Composite structures ( five books)
16.Steel tube technical specification for concrete structures CECS28:90 (In the revised)
17.Rectangular tubes technical specification for concrete structures CECS(on the regular payroll)
18.Concrete pipe composite column technical regulations   CECS(on the regular payroll)
19.Steelconcrete composite structure, technical procedures  JGJ138-2001
20.Steel reinforced concrete structure, technical procedures  CECS

(6)Steel structure connection standard (two books)
21.Construction steel structure welding procedures  JGJ81-2002 
22.Steel structure high strength bolt technical regulations JGJ82-91

(7)Steel structure reinforcement standards ( one book)
23.Steel structure strengthening technical specifications CECS77:96 
3. Standard of construction
(1)General standard (one book)
1.Steel structure engineering construction quality inspection standard
(2)Special standard  The standard of "technical regulations", contains the content of construction and acceptance ,In the above standard of benxi steel structure of 43, the current standard for 32 this and other 11 this is actively formulate.
GB - National standards(enforceablility)
GB/T -National standards(recommendatory) 
GBJ - The national engineering construction standards
CECS -China Engineering Construction Standardization Association standards
YB -Industry standard for metallurgical industry
JG/T -Building industry standard (voluntary)
JGJ -Construction industry standard