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Product introduction

Clean room panel

Energy consveration,environmental protection,economical,heat insulting,good structure,easy-doing construction

Good-quality color steel,filled with high-density PU or fireproof rock-wool

Application field:
With the decelopment of aeronauties,electronics industry menical treatment,foods and some other fields.
CLEAN ROOM,has been widely used decades.Nowdays,government is activley popularizing thes standard,which
companies have to follow in their manufactuing.Enhance,CLEAN ROOM will get a better market in the future.

Cean Room:

Advantage: Disady antage:
1.Good erriciency 1.Pay attention to the useless space,like lighting(in case of dicorder flow)
2.Not efficted by workers or working situation 2.Inconvenientin filter change
3.Being stable after first startup 3.High cost of designation
4.Few deposit and dust er-flow 4.Hard to expand the compartment space
5.Easy operation

Disorder flow:
Fresh air gets in near floor and flow out fromfilter(suitable for Class10,000-100,000)
Advantage: Disady antage:
1.Simple construction 1.Disorder of air may pollute particles and cycle in room
2.Lowcost of designation 2.Pay attention to the choose and management of staff and machines
3.Easy to expand compartment 3.Need a while to stable statement
4.Get more cleaner if clean plate added


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